Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Street that divides two centuries!

By: Koshan A. Khidhir

This picture and video story report, is taken from Arbil province. These pictures are showing different sides from Arbil city, but they have some similarities. The similarity here is that these streets are dividing two centuries, and two eras. One of them is industrialization era, and the second one is the era of traditionalism.

“There are many people in Arbil that they have high buildings, but we have just this small house, we are happy. It does not matter how is that, “How we are” is more important” Hiwa, a poor young in these houses

These young said that “every day we are coming to here to sell and by credit cards for mobile, on this ground, to be simple is great”.            

This man who sells lights in front of this high building says “Your question is good, there is no doubt Wallahi there is inequality in Arbil. I cannot buy a small shop, but others have these high buildings”.

Here is a video of a student, He talks about inequality in Kurdistan, especially in Arbil. Then he says, he cannot even talk like reach people’s sons, because they have unequal opportunity for learning.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Blogi farmi Koshan Ali Zamanee

Slawtan lebet. Am bloga ba farmi babatakani koshan ali tedablaw dakretawa.